Android strings translate

If you are not a developer, and you are here because you found wrong translation in my apps, you can contact me !

Helps to translate Android strings.xml, providing translation for Google Translate online.

There are other projects to translate Android xml string files. But when you have a lot of expressions to translate, Google responds with a captcha page, so it's not working anymore.
With this project I suggest you a manual translation in the Google Translate webpage (or another translation app). Allows to copy and paste a lot of translations at one time (and maybe better translations with a better context, because there are a lot of words).

Original file strings.xml

Copy here your full strings.xml

Maximum characters per translation :

Text to translate

Paste results

Copy each text group, translate it
Paste each result in corresponding textarea

Final translated string.xml

Get your final translated strings.xml

Before this webpage, I developed the same program in Python, but a web page is more practical and easier to use ;-)

I have created this project to translate my app "The Calendar Pro", available on the Play Store.