The Calendar

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The Calendar is an Android application displaying a simple and accessible calendar.

Features of different versions of The Calendar :

The Calendar
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The Calendar Pro
100 000+
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Holidays with first names
Holidays for a lot of countries
Moon phases
School holidays : add yours with vertical bar
Adapted to different sizes of screens (more months visible on a 10-inch screen than on a phone)
Intuitive interface by sliding your fingers on the screen to move forward or backward in time
Show your schedule from your Google Calendar
Mode "Agenda" to highlight your schedule
Configuration of the elements to be displayed or to hide: first names, holidays, school holidays, moon, ...
Fully customizable widget
Customizing colors of the calendar
Choice of the number of columns and the height of the cells
Personalization of color and width of vertical bar
Display dates of change of time (France)
Adding text, icons and vertical bars on the calendar: holidays, birthdays, night work, ...
Notifications: a few days before, a few hours before, or the same day
Scroll vertically
Week view
Events Mode: Only display days with an event
Display the list of upcoming events New 2019
Search by date and text New 2019
One line by event mode New 2019
If your phone / tablet is synced to a Google Calendar, consider choosing your calendars to display in the setting (top right icon).

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History :
  • 08/2014 : The application changes name, formerly "Just a Calendar", it becomes "The Calendar". Indeed, it is no longer just a calendar, it's the calendar you need!
  • 12/2014 : A widget is now available to display your favorite calendar on your home screen.
  • 01/2015 : It is possible to change all the colors of the calendar in the preferences
  • 01/2015 : One can change the number of columns to be displayed and the height of the cells
  • 03/2015 : Italian version
  • 03/2015 : Display dates of change of time (France)
  • 02/2016 : Add school holidays (Metropolitan France)
  • 09/2016 : Adding the calendar of the year (days numbered from 1 to 365)
  • 09/2016 : Possibility of choosing the color and the width of the zones of school holidays
  • 10/2016 : Addition of zodiac signs
  • 03/2017 : Spanish version
  • 07/2017 : Ability to add text, icons and vertical bars on the calendar
  • 07/2017 : Add notifications: a few days before, a few hours before, or the same day.
  • 08/2017 : Vertical Scroll Option.
  • 11/2018 : Week view and Mode "events only".
  • 02/2019 : List of the next events under the calendar
  • 02/2019 : Search on date and text
  • 07/2019 : Display one line by event